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Walibi Belgium

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-Advance tickets-

💡Enjoy a €5 to €10 discount if you buy your ticket in advance.

💡Up to 39,50€/pers (instead of € 49,50 / pers.).

💡The earlier you order, the more you save.


About Dalton Terror

Enjoy the breathtaking view before experiencing a vertiginous descent from 77 m high

Enjoying the fresh air during an unsuspecting dead straight climb of 77 m, steep it is… Everything around you gets smaller and smaller.

On the highest peak you will enjoy a few seconds the magnificent view over the whole park. At least, if you dare to look down.

Enjoyment, or rather the shivers, quickly turns into the thrill of your life! Get ready for a free fall at 110 km/h!

195 cm Forbidden above 195 cm
120 cm Allowed
120 cm Forbidden under 120 cm

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