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About Kondaa

The coaster of all records!

Are you ready to discover the longest, highest and most sensational megacoaster in the Benelux?

A mysterious legend...

In Exotic World, come and defy this creature that frightened the native tribes and enter the legend. Do you dare to confront Kondaa?

Unique sensations

With more than 15 airtimes, this megacoaster has not finished surprising you! Between weightlessness and power, you will experience a unique moment on the Kondaa.

195 cm Forbidden above 195 cm
130 cm Allowed
128 cm Forbidden under 128 cm
Max. speed 113 km/h
Length 1200 m
Height 50 m

Airtimes: 15x


Let yourself be surprised

Discover Exotic World without delay, with its iconic attractions, varied food outlets and colourful shops.

Bienvenue à Exotic World

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