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Walibi Belgium

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-Advance tickets-

💡Enjoy a €5 to €10 discount if you buy your ticket in advance.

💡Up to 39,50€/pers (instead of € 49,50 / pers.).

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About Vampire


Embark on a thrilling and overwhelming flight...

Feet in the air

Did you ever hang in the air? In this attraction you get that feeling. Let your feet have a breath of fresh air in this true vampire ride.

Bloody stunts

A couple of bloodthirsty loops and a trio of rotations on your axis at an unseen speed… squeeze all the blood out of your body.

Extremely useful advice

You would do better to take off your shoes with loose shoelaces. Or tie them strongly up.

195 cm Forbidden above 195 cm
130 cm Allowed
130 cm Forbidden under 130 cm
Max. speed 80 km/h
Length 689 m
Height 33 m
The number of loopings 5

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