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Walibi Belgium

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-Advance tickets-

💡Enjoy a €5 to €10 discount if you buy your ticket in advance.

💡Up to 39,50€/pers (instead of € 49,50 / pers.).

💡The earlier you order, the more you save.




Rapids river

The Radja River, a rapids, full of sharp bends, surprising waterfalls and … tricky whirlpools. If you love adventure, you can’t miss this attraction for the world.

With 12 others in a boat

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through this heroic adventure all by yourself. You get a round inflatable boat with 12 seats. This will be nothing but sensation and excitement.


Rafting on the Radja River for minutes and minutes with family and friends. Hold tight cause here we go! A wet adventure guaranteed!



140 cm Allowed
105 cm Rider should have an adult accompany them
105 cm Forbidden under 105 cm

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