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About Psyké Underground

The myth is back again!

Do you remember the Sirocco? Or rather the Turbine? Then now (re)discover the Psyké Underground, a legendary attraction!

In absolute darkness…

Unlike his predecessors, the Psyké Underground is covered from top to toe. This boosts the adrenaline twice as hard! Nowhere else in the world you can go through this unique experience in absolute darkness.


The Psyké catapults you in less than 3 seconds to more than 85 km/h in a mega loop at a height of 45 meters. Don’t miss this thrilling ride!

140 cm Allowed
130 cm Rider should have an adult accompany them
130 cm Forbidden under 130 cm
Max. speed 85 km/h
Length 220 m
Height 42 m
The number of loopings 1

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