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Tickets Walibi Belgium
For your employees

For your employees

Walibi Belgium will certainly have the arrangement you're looking for

Our amusement park is located centrally in Belgium, only 20 minutes from Brussels. This makes it very easy to make arrangements with your employees from various locations ! Walibi Belgium is an amusement park for young and old alike. Do you want to surprise your employees with a gift? Or take them with their family on an unforgettable company outing?

A sensational surprise for your employees

Surprise your employees with a gift box filled with sensations, thrills and unforgettable memories to share with their family! 
What do we offer? An undated Walibi ticket worth €31.50 (instead of €42.00 on site), as well as a gift card for something sweet or fun in the park, etc. You can customise the options of this gift box.

Contact us below and we will work out a formula for you.

Entire park rental

Walibi Belgium – the entire amusement park for you and your guests. Can you imagine it: the ultimate event for your company! An entirely exclusive day for you and your employees. You can invite up to 15,000 people to your corporate event! Your guests will naturally have access to all the attractions and shows throughout the whole day. And we can also make arrangements regarding the catering. Be sure to ask about all the options.

And in order to give the visit just that extra touch, we would also allow you to decorate the amusement park in your corporate colours (e.g. beach flags, corporate logos, customised posters in the park, etc.).

Additional wishes, such as tailor-made activities, handing out goody bags, etc. are always negotiable.

Family day

A day out with the whole family, paid for by the boss ! That's great, but organising the ideal family day is quite a task. Our event team will be only too happy to help you in this. What's more, Walibi Belgium is the ideal family amusement park. The various cool attractions for daredevils and the numerous play areas for the little ones will make it an unforgettable family outing! And a day full of action can't be without tasty things to eat! Our catering possibilities are countless. Whether you decide on a food voucher, an afternoon get together, or an evening barbecue with your employees: everything is possible !

Company event

Your employees deserve the best. An exciting outing to Walibi Belgium will provide all your employees with an unforgettable day. The park can accommodate groups from 20 to 15,000 people. No matter the size of the group, together we'll ensure they experience a fantastic day out. There are numerous possibilities. What about a theme event? You can hire an attraction or zone and there are various halls each with an individual theme. We'd also be happy to help you with ideas about the entertainment. Everything is negotiable. Together we'll look at how we can organise a spectacular tailor-made company event.

Team building

Are you looking for challenging team-building activities for your company ? If so, you should come to Walibi Belgium. The various attractions will certainly make an impression on your employees. They'll quickly compete against each other to discover as many attractions as possible. Who is a daredevil ? Who will emerge as the leader of the group ?

By the end of the day, everyone will have overcome some of their own hurdles. Moreover, your employees will have ‘experienced’ the amusement park together and as a result will have got to know each other better, something that is sure to continue back at the workplace !

Our strengths

Easily accessible

Our park is easily accessible via motorways. A real bonus for all your national and international business relations.

Our strengths

Our own train station

Moreover, with our own train station 150 metres from the entrance, we're easily accessible via public transport.

Our strengths

Business-ticket rates

Special business-ticket rates apply from a certain minimum number of persons.

Our strengths

Catering facilities

There are various catering facilities to accommodate you and your guests in the park, as well as picnic zones both in the park and on the car parks. Naturally, events including catering are always possible and can be ordered in advance.

Our strengths

Our flexibility

Our greatest asset is our flexibility. Options and changes are possible through direct contact with your dedicated account manager. A way of working which is appreciated by our clients.

Ticket Gift box

Would you like to surprise your personnel with tickets for a family outing to Walibi?

Contact us at the e-mail address below and we will work out a formula for you.

Your tailor-made event

As an established name in the amusement park sector, we are specialists in organising events.

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We will be pleased to receive you and indulge you and your guests with delicious and refined dishes.

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Your event, our mission

As an established name in the amusement-park sector, we have specialist experience in organising events. Our services are therefore geared to ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Ticket Gift box

Your tailor-made event


Your event, our mission