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For your clients

It's our job to ensure you and your business relations have an unforgettable, fantastic day out !

Walibi Belgium is of course the benchmark in the world of amusement parks. With its rich history and sensational range of attractions, Walibi Belgium has always been the leader in its field. But did you know that we're also pleased to open our gates for you and your business relations? And where better to organise your next corporate event than in the largest amusement park in the country? We not only guarantee you a truly wonderful day in our amusement park but also assist you in organising it!

Entire park rental

Walibi Belgium – the whole amusement park for you and your guests. Can you imagine it: the ultimate event for your company! An entirely exclusive day for you and your business relations and/or clients and/or employees. You can invite up to 15,000 people to your corporate event! Your guests will naturally have access to all the attractions and shows throughout the whole day. And we can also make arrangements regarding the catering. Be sure to ask about all the options.

Meetings, incentives, conferences, ...

Forget about traditional meeting rooms or incentives. Whoever books one of the multifunctional meeting rooms in Walibi Belgium will enjoy the most exciting panorama imaginable! A view of the breathtaking roller coasters and the numerous colourful attractions form the backdrop to your meeting. There's no place as original as here for having a meeting.

VIP arrangements

When you invite your business relations and employees, you want to make a special day of it. There has to be a relaxed atmosphere but the surroundings need to be exciting. You want to surprise them with a location that appeals to the imagination. Walibi Belgium is the ideal place for this. We have all the amenities to ensure your day is a unique experience.

Product launch

You have a new product that you want to announce and show to everyone! That's why the launch has to be special. Walibi Belgium is a unique location that will provide your product presentation with that extra punch.

Tickets for your business relations

As a company, you can purchase discounted entrance tickets in advance. This would undoubtedly give great pleasure to your employees, clients, guests or business relations. Moreover, the tickets are an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, jubilees or other special occasions. And what's more, your guests won't have to stand in a queue for tickets.

Our strengths

Easily accessible

Our park is easily accessible via motorways. A real bonus for all your national and international business relations.

Our strengths

Our own train station

Moreover, with our own train station 150 metres from the entrance, we're easily accessible via public transport.

Our strengths

Business-ticket rates

Special business-ticket rates apply from a certain minimum number of persons.

Our strengths

Catering facilities

There are various catering facilities to accommodate you and your guests in the park, as well as picnic zones both in the park and on the car parks. Naturally, events including catering are always possible and can be ordered in advance.

Our strengths

Our flexibility

Our greatest asset is our flexibility. Options and changes are possible through direct contact with your dedicated account manager. A way of working which is appreciated by our clients.

Event locations

As an event location, Walibi Belgium nourishes the inspiration and creativity of your guests.

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We will be pleased to receive you and indulge you and your guests with delicious and refined dishes.

Discover our catering

Your event, our mission

As an established name in the amusement-park sector, we have specialist experience in organising events. Our services are therefore geared to ensuring your event runs smoothly.

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Your event, our mission