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Park regulations

Règlements Walibi Belgium

For the convenience and safety of each visitor, respect of the visiting conditions set out in the present Rules of Internal Order is a necessary requirement.

The purpose of the provisions below is to ensure a pleasant, enjoyable day for each visitor.

The purchase of an admission ticket implies acceptance of the present Rules and of the General Terms and Conditions Sale, which may be consulted on the sites and



The fact of entering the precincts of the park, which is situated on private land, whether as a  group or as an individual implies, unconditional acceptance of all of the provisions of the present Rules of Internal Order.

Visitors must behave in a manner that respects public order and morality within the park. Visitors must not 1) behave in such a way as to endanger themselves and 2) endanger the safety, dignity, health or peace of mind of other visitors and/or Walibi Belgium and Aqualibi staff, or the integrity of park equipment or the personal belongings of other visitors.In case of non-compliance with any one or more of these regulations, the Management reserves the right to have any offender removed from the grounds of the park immediately and without compensation.

The Management declines all liability in case of damage of any kind caused to property or persons that results from non-respect of the present Rules.

The implementation of the present Rules is ensured by the staff, authorized to enforce respect of the provisions by giving instructions to visitors. In case of non-respect of these instructions and, more particularly, when observed inconsiderate or reckless behaviour endangers the safety of property and/or persons, the park staff will assess the necessicty of proceeding with the eviction of the offender(s).

If necessary, the park Management reserves the right to institute legal proceedings and press for penalties against any offender.


ARTICLE 2 : The car park

Pedestrians have priority at all times.

The driving speed on the approaches to the park and car park is limited to 20km/h.

The Highway Code applies throughout the whole Walibi-Aqualibi car park and its access ways. 

Visitors must follow the instructions given by the car park operators having authority on the park roadways.

Access to the car park is paying. The tickets can be bought in the shop or from the admission booths.

Vehicles placed in the car park do not fall within the liability of Walibi Park, the charges received being charges for parking  and not for surveillance.

The Management may not be held liable in case of theft or damage concerning vehicles that is beyond its volition or control.

It is strongly advised to lock the doors of the vehicle, close the windows and do not leave any visible objects inside the vehicle.

It is not permitted :

  • To leave vehicles of any kind in the car park for longer than 22 hours (except for late night openings and special event);
  • To camp or organize barbecues in the car park;
  • To leave animals inside a vehicle. If necessary, the park will call out the competent services to free the animal in question, and this at the expense of the owner;
  • To park outside the spaces provided for the purpose (on the roadways, in front of emergency entrances, on lawns and green spaces, ...). Any offence against these rules may result in removal of the vehicle at the owner's expense.


  • Access to the Park is permitted according to the following rules:
  • Access to the Park is permitted upon presentation of a valid admission ticket purchased through the official sales channels. The admission ticket must be presented whenever requested during the visit. The park security staff may conduct random ticket inspections and spot checks.
  • For passholders, a proof of identity may be requested in order to verify the identity of the holder.
  • Tickets and subscriptions are not taken back, exchanged or reimbursed and cannot be resold.
  • Tickets put up for attempted resale will be finally confiscated, together with all admission tickets in the possession of the reseller.
  • In case your pass is lost/stolen or in case you forgot it, a duplicate may be obtained against payment of administrative costs in the amount of €10.00.
  • Access is permitted during the periods and hours of opening of the Park.
  • The last admissions are permitted one hour before closing.
  • Access is through the main entrance gate, clearly signposted.
  • Any person entering the Park via a nonauthorized access may be the subject of a complaint brought before the competent authorities.
  • The Park staff reserve the right of entry to the Park and the right to take any preventive measure in the interests of respect of the present Rules. Visitors shall follow the instructions given them, more particularly at the entrance to the Park, in order to guarantee safety there (passage through a metal detector, inspection of bags, …). In case of non-respect of the present Rules, the Park personnel may escort any offender off the  premises of the Park.
  • Bringing weapons of any kind into the Park is prohibited, even if they are only replicas or noncombative. Radios and other sonic devices are not allowed inside the Park. The same likewise applies in respect of hazardous and/or illegal objects or products and alcoholic beverages.
  •  Any bags, boxes, cases or any container exceeding the following dimensions:  w 55 cm x l 40 cm x d 20 cm, will not be allowed inside the Park.
  •  No lockers will be made available for items that have not been authorised to enter the park
  • Visitors refused entry may in any case not attempt entry afterwards. The same likewise applies in case of expulsion.
  • The Park Management reserves the right to cancel a subscription once and for all if there is valid reason for doing so (fraud or attempted fraud, inappropriate behaviour, failure to respect the present Rules, …) without the possibility of compensation.
  • Any person having committed any offence in the Park will be held awaiting the arrival of the competent authorities for any useful statements and to contribute towards the charges involved in the disturbance caused. The present Rules do not in any way prejudice the rights of injured or aggrieved parties or any proceedings that they may feel compelled to initiate.
  • If the Park is full, the Management is authorized to refuse access to all new visitors arriving at the entrance gate, that same say, without thereby being obliged to pay any compensation.
  • Visitors wishing to leave and return to the Park on the same day must request a passout mark (ink stamp, bracelet, …) to allow them to do so (only applicable to Walibi, not to Aqualibi).
  • The Management reserves the right to adjust, at any time, the admission charges and the opening/closing times of the Park and its attractions, shows, shops and restaurants, and their conditions of access, according to operational requirements.
  • The Park Management will adopt all rules that it considers helpful for the health and safety of persons and the protection of property of the Park and its visitors.


Inside the Park visitors are requested to keep to the public thoroughfares.

Movement is pedestrian (with the exception of pushchairs and wheelchairs).

No mode of wheeled transport is allowed inside the Park (bicycle, rollerblading, roller skates, skateboard, overboard, scooter, …).

Zones marked off by a fence, barrier, chain, rope or gate or any other protection, for instance, signs including the word "prohibited" or "private" are strictly off-limits to the public.

When an attraction is closed it is forbidden to enter its perimeter.

The same likewise applies in respect of services areas, even if they should happen to be left open temporarily.


The Park is exclusively a place of leisure and relaxation. Religious worship is not permitted.

Visitors shall behave with all due diligence, respecting others and the environment. Courtesy is required in and around the Park.

Visitors are requested maintain correct behaviour throughout the day at the Park; they should not, for instance, walk around barefoot or shirtless (except for the Aqualibi aquatic area) and, in a general way, offend in their behaviour and demeanour against modesty and decency.

The Management may not be held liable for damages caused by visitors to each other.

Visitors shall further refrain from disturbing the peace of other visitors by threatening, excessive or extravagant behaviour. The Park staff will keep watch.

Smoking is prohibited on site, except in designated areas indicated as such on the park maps.  The ban applies as soon as you pass through the ticket booths (and does not apply to the car park).  This ban also applies to electronic cigarettes and any other related products. 

In particular, visitors must:

  • Respect the instructions and directions given by the operators;
  • Not to overtake in queues;
  • Not to eat or drink in the attractions for safety reasons and in their queues for hygienic reasons (...)
  • Not to use a mobile phone or tablet in the attractions, for safety reasons (both for visitors and for the infrastructure);
  • Not to use, for safety and security reasons, any camera, equipment and/or any other device of a similar nature in the attractions, unless it is fixed by means of a chest harness guaranteeing the equipment’s retention for the duration of the attraction;
  •  for safety reasons, not to make any video and/or sound recordings in the attractions unless they are made using a camera attached to a chest harness that guarantees that the equipment will remain in place for the duration of the attraction;
  • Respect the facilities, lawns and green spaces and the equipment of the Park;
  • Not use sonic devices (portable music diffuser type);
  • To dispose waste in the appropriate bins, and cigarette butts in the ashtrays;
  • Not prevent any member of staff from going about his/her work;
  • Not swim in the lakes;
  • Not display behaviour dangerous to themselves or to others;
  • Assume their responsibilities in case of moral, physical or material loss or damage caused to other visitors or to the i- nstallations of the Park through recklessness, error or negligence.
  • Not distribute or post printed matter;
  • Not hold opinion polls without prior written permission from the Park;
  • This list is not exhaustive.

Drunkenness and possession or consumption of drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited in and around the Park.

Any gathering of a kind likely to disturb the peace of the Park and/or its visitors is prohibited.

In case of non-respect of these various instructions, offending visitors may be removed from the Park without thereby being able to claim any form of refund or compensation.




Children under 13 years of age may not enter the Walibi/Aqualibi Parks unless accompanied by an adult; proof of age of the responsible adult or of the child may be demanded at any time.

Throughout their visit, as a family or as a group, children must remain with and under the constant supervision of their parents and/or accompanying adults.

Lost and found or expelled children may be picked-up at the entrance to the Park at the Information Office. A free telephone is available there to contact a responsible adult if necessary.



The Park Management calls the attention of its visitors to the notices posted at the entrance to each attraction and show represented by pictograms with text and advises them to first check whether they are suitable for them.

The Management declines all liability in case of incompatibility of the proposed activities and the medical situation of visitors. Visitors accessing these activities while counter-indicated by their state of health (expectant mothers, persons recently admitted to hospital, asthma patients, epileptics, ...) do so entirely under their own risk and responsibility.

In case of non-respect of these instructions, the Management declines all liability, more particularly with regard to direct or indirect physical injury or material damage.

Visitors must behave like normal, considerate persons; they must also follow the instructions posted at the entrance to attractions and shows and those given verbally by the staff. Among other things, this concerns respecting the queues, the minimum size for admission to the attractions, and the prohibition against bringing certain objects to certain attractions or shows.

In case of bad weather certain attractions or installations may be temporarily closed. This rule also applies in case of technical operations and/or maintenance works. The closure of one or more attractions may not, in any case, result in any total or partial refund of the admission ticket.

Visitors must respect the clearly delimited queues and wait their turn without jumping the queue.

Once the ride is over, visitors must leave the attraction without staying at its exit. If they wish to take another ride on the same attraction they must take their place again at the back of queue.

The queues for attractions are closed according to the number of visits per day. If the queue is 30 minutes and the announced closing time is 19:00 hrs., the queue will no longer be accessible after 18:30 hrs.

The operators assigned to an attraction have the right to refuse access to a visitor that does not respect the criteria of size, weight or acceptable behaviour.

A maximum capacity is set for each show. No more visitors may enter once that limit is reached.

The emergency entrances and exits of attractions and shows must be left unobstructed at all times.



Persons with special needs may use special easy-access facilities to the attractions of the park Walibi upon presentation of a valid official document.  These easy-access facilities are not applicable to Aqualibi.

Only European parking cards with identity photo and the European Disability Card are accepted. These documents must be presented at the Information Office by the entrance gate to the Park, where they will receive specific access instructions for the installations and a bracelet giving easy access (Easy Pass).

The instructions on the Easy Pass must be strictly respected; the pass may otherwise be withdrawn from its holder without the possibility of claim for compensation. In case of fraud or offence against this rule the holder and his/her group will be removed from the Park.



The Park aspires to be a happy, pleasant place where children receive particular attention, only the best is sufficient. That is why any persons found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal products will be escorted off the premises without being able to claim any refund or compensation.

Visitors must be clearly identifiable at all times.

It is therefore prohibited to wear a mask or any other article intended to hide all or part of the face. Only children under the age of 13 years are allowed to wear disguise and/or face-paint.

It is not permitted to leave any object of any description abandoned in the Park. The costs of disposal involved in such abandon are charged to the owner.

In case of incident, accident, fire or evacuation, visitors must follow the instructions given by the representatives of the Park or by the competent authorities.

Physical incidents or accidents that may have consequences must always be reported to the infirmary for registration, examination, care and possible monitoring.



With the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs with their official licences, animals are not allowed in the Park.

These animals, however, are not allowed on the attractions or in Aqualibi (Article 328 of the Walloon Code of Social Action and Health).

It is forbidden to feed the birds in the Park.



Picnics are prohibited in the restaurants and on their terraces.

Picnics are permitted only in the areas provided for the purpose (see Park map).



Each visitor is responsible for his/her own personal effects.

Found objects are deposited in the Information Office at the entrance to the Park.

Lockers are placed at visitors' disposal at the entrance to the Park against payment.

The liability of the Management in case of loss, theft or damage concerning objects inside the Park is limited to surveillance of these lockers only.

Visitors can use lockers in certain attractions. They are not protected or under the surveillance or the responsibility of the Park staff. Objects are placed in these boxes, on the platforms or at the exits of attractions under the visitor's entire own responsibility (even if the Park staff member is obliged to place the object in a place other than that chosen by the visitor). The Management may not be held liable for any disappearance, loss, damage or theft of the said objects.

AnY visitor taking with him/her on an attraction personal objects (telephone, wristwatch, spectacles, keys, etc., …) does so on his/her own responsibility. The Park Management and staff may not, in any case, be held liable for what happens to such objects. The Park staff are not allowed on or around attractions during opening hours and are not obliged to recover such objects as soon as possible.

Forms for the declaration of loss or theft are available for visitors in the Information Office at the entrance to the Park and to Aqualibi.

Found objects left at the Information Office are kept there for a period of one months. They will then be handed over to the Municipality of Wavre.



The Park has a number of clearly identified toilets. It is strictly forbidden for visitors to relieve themselves in any place not provided for that purpose.

Changing tables are available in the toilet facilities.

Cloths, bandages, napkins, sanitary towels, baby wipes, … must be thrown in the bins (and not down the toilets).

The Park organizes a selective sorting of visitors' waste. Visitors are requested to respect the sorting instructions.

Visitors shall refrain from any kind of damage or disfigurement (graffiti, etc.) to the infrastructures of the Park (attractions, plants, interiors, …).



In accordance with European Regulation 1169/2011 (known as the INCO Regulation), we place at the disposal of our visitors all information concerning any allergens contained in our food preparations. Our hygiene procedures and choice of suppliers are designed to avoid as far as possible the presence of allergens by food cross-contamination, but we are unable to guarantee total absence. NB: the composition of meals may vary from one production to another, so ask for information each time you visit. You can speak to one of our staff or the manager of the restaurant for any information.



Unless authorized by the Management, in writing, no sale or commercial activity of any kind is allowed inside the Park or in the car park. If necessary, the object and/or proceeds of their sale will be held until the arrival of the police.



Walibi and Aqualibi respect the protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable Belgian and European regulations on the protection of personal data, in particular, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. You can consult our privacy policy on the protection of personal data here.

In order to guarantee everyone's safety, the Park is equipped with an active camera surveillance system.  Images are recorded and stored in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Royal Decree of 13/02/01).

Any visitor to the Park may be filmed or photographed. The images filmed and the photos taken may be used by the Park management for promotional purposes.

Visitors who do not wish to be filmed or photographed during their visit are asked to inform the information desk.

The management is not responsible for photos and videos taken by visitors, particularly when one visitor films or photographs another. Except as stated in Article 5, it is strictly forbidden to make video and/or sound recordings in the attractions.



  1. A bathing costume is obligatory in the aquatic area of Aqualibi.
  2. According to the decree of 13 June 2013 imposing strict health standards on managers of swimming pools accessible to the public, as a precautionary measure, only the following are authorized as swimming costumes: bathing briefs, bathing boxer shorts, bikinis, the one-piece swimsuit, lycra swimming costumes reaching down to just below the knees and the elbows. This swimming attire must be fresh and clean and, therefore, may not have been work before inside the Park.  They may not have zip fasteners, buttons or any other accessories likely to cause injury to the wearer or to other bathers or, again, to any installations. They may not be indecent or inappropriate. Children under 2 years of age must wear swimming diapers.
  3. Visitors with contagious skin infection (abcesses, impetigo, fungal infection, eczema, …), plantar warts and/or open or unhealed wounds will be refused access to the water park.
  4. To guarantee optimum quality of water, showering for at least 3 minutes is compulsory, as is walking through the footbath. The use of soap is strongly recommended. It is strongly advised to use the toilets before entering the water park.
  5. In accordance with the standard EN1069, children up to the age of 8 must be accompanied on the slides.
  6. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult wearing a swimming costume. Children remain under the supervision and responsibility of their accompanying adult at all times. A child under 13 years of age may not enter Aqualibi unaccompanied; a proof of identity may be demanded in order to verify the child's age.
  7. Swimming vests are placed at the visitors' disposal; neither the Park Management nor its staff may be held in any way liable for the manner in which they are used.
  8. For safety reasons visitors are requested not to run, jump or dive in the swimming pool.
  9. Picnics and any sort of food and drink are strictly prohibited inside Aqualibi, with the exception of the restaurant area reserved for customers.
  10. Smoking is prohibited inside Aqualibi except in the place provided for that purpose.
  11. Visitors may use lockers. Objects are placed in these boxes under the sole responsibility of the visitor. The Park may not be held liable for the disappearance, loss, damage or theft of the said objects. For reasons of hygiene, buggies are not allowed in the pool.
  12. Cloakroom lockers must be emptied at the end of the day, otherwise their contents will be treated as lost objects.
  13. Aqualibi declines all liability in case of early deterioration and wear of the swimming costume when used in tobogganing or buoy swimming.
  14. Leaving Aqualibi is permanent.


Aqualibi is watched over by lifeguards. Their presence does not in any way reduce the obligation of vigilance for accompanying adults towards children or any other person that cannot swim. 



Our staff are always available if you have any questions or suggestions.

If you find yourself in situations that you consider unusual or uncomfortable, we are ready to offer a word of explanation or settle any problems.



Any case of dispute between a visitor and Walibi Belgium and Aqualibi is governed by Belgian law. The courts of Brabant Wallon have sole territorial competence in such matters.