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It is currently not necessary to book your visit to Walibi (also for partners’ tickets).

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Frequently asked questions

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Walibi Gaming

  • When will Walibi Gaming take place?

    Walibi Gaming will take place over 4 days, from August 18th to 21st. The park will also be open until 10pm on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 August. Walibi Gaming activities will be free of charge - but reservations are required for activities at the Tiki-Theater - during the park's opening hours. The Gaming Center is open to the public.

  • Are the attractions open during Walibi Gaming?

    Yes, all the attractions of the park are accessible during Walibi Gaming.

  • What is Walibi Gaming?

    Walibi Gaming is an event that will take place during four days in the park offering a multitude of activities, accessible free of charge, related to the world of video games. The Walibi Gaming event will focus on two areas of the park: live sessions and tournaments of Fortnite, Rocket League, Trackmania and Fifa in the presence of gaming and esport stars at the Tiki-Theater, and signing sessions and exclusive experiences in a 1,500m² Gaming Center.  

  • Is Walibi Gaming a paid event?

    Walibi Gaming activities are offered free of charge in addition to the park's attractions. To access the park during the Walibi Gaming event, all you need is a day ticket or a Walibi-Pass valid during the event. There will be no extra charge for the event. However, the activities organized at the Tiki-Theater require a reservation.

  • Do I have to book my place for the activities at Tiki-Theater?

    To attend the live sessions and tournaments in the Tiki-Theater as a spectator, you must book your free access via the website: Please note that seats in the amphitheater are limited.  

    If you want to try your chance to play at the live sessions, you must also sign up for the draw during the session.

    Participation as a player in the Rocket League and Fifa tournaments is based solely on online qualifiers, organised before the event.

  • Can I still book a session in the Tiki-Theater on site?

    To guarantee your place in the Tiki-Theater at the session of your choice, it is preferable to reserve your place beforehand online according to the date of your visit.

  • Do I have to take my own console to play on stage?

    No, Walibi provides PCs for all players on stage. Players will be free to choose to play with a keyboard or with a controller.

  • Do I have to register for the Meet & Greets at the Gaming Center?

    No, the Gaming Center is freely accessible. Signing session times are indicated on the website:   

  • Can I book an access to multiple sessions?

    Due to the success of the event in 2019 and the limited number of seats in the Tiki-Theater, we ask that visitors book only one session per day.