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Good news ! With the 'code yellow' you don’t need any Covid Safe Ticket, face mask, or reservation in order to ride Walibi’s attractions!

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Baby Switch

    To avoid parents having to wait in long queues with young children, we offer them the Baby Switch: one parent waits in the queue while the other waits at the exit of the attraction.  When the parent who was in the queue has been through the attraction, they can swap places with the other parent.

    Feel free to ask for information from our operators at the exit of the attraction or at the information desk.

  • Measuring my child

    Children are measured with shoes on before being granted access to the attractions.  If you are unsure of your child's height, you can go to the infirmary or the information desk where your child will be measured.  Your child will receive a wristband stating his/her height, which will be checked throughout the park.  

  • Wheelchairs

    We have a limited number of wheelchairs that we can make available to you.
    The fee is 5 EUR.

    We suggest you reserve a wheelchair using the form (subject to availability).

  • Lost children

    You can get a wristband at the information desk on which you can put your telephone number.
    Lost children are immediately taken to the information desk at the entrance of the park.

  • Do you have microwave ovens to heat up baby food?

    Our restaurants are equipped with self-service microwaves allowing you to heat up your bottles/infant food.

  • Where can I breastfeed my child?

    You are free to breastfeed anywhere in the park.  If you wish to breastfeed in a quiet place, you can go to the infirmary.

  • What options are there for accelerated access to the attractions?

    You can find our different speedy packages here.

  • Easy Shopping

    From 30 euros onwards, you can put your purchases in the locker and collect them at the end of the day.

  • Lockers

    If you don't want to be bothered with your luggage all day, there are lockers at the locker room.

    Prices vary between 3 and 5 EUR.

  • Trolleys

    We have a limited number of trolleys that we can make available to you.

    The fee is 5 EUR.

    It is not possible to book a trolley.