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Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I use the ticket I purchased via a partner during Halloween?

    Unless otherwise mentioned on your ticket, it allows you to enter the park during the Halloween period, including the nocturnes.


  • Does my entrance ticket grant access to the haunted houses?

    The access to the paying haunted houses is not included in the park entrance ticket, with the exception of Mine Blast (free haunted house). With your park entrance ticket, you can enjoy the Halloween atmosphere in the different scare zones and the shows. Buy your tickets for haunted houses here.

  • Est-ce que mon ticket d'entrée me donne accès aux nocturnes?

    This fall, Walibi Belgium offers 7 gruesome nocturnes (evening openings: October 22, 29, 30, 31 and November 1, 4, 5). 
    A dated ticket is only valid on the date mentioned on the ticket.  
    Any undated ticket valid until 06/11/2022 can be used for a visit on a date of your choice (including Halloween days with nocturnes) during the entire Halloween period.

    With a ticket you have access to the park from opening till closing (according to the time table of the day)

  • I'm frightened, what can I do?

    oh c'mon, we warned you… didn't we? 😈

  • What formulas are there for accelerated access to the attractions/haunted houses?

    You can find our different speedy packages here.

  • Do you offer Halloween experiences for children?

    Children experience scary fun in the "Happy Halloween" zone. You can avoid the most terrifying scare zones with children during the visit or - if they are brave enough - cross them with a special 'anti monster'-badge. Since the Halloween atmosphere is even more intense after 5pm, we recommend families with children to visit the park during the day. 

  • I would like to visit the park after 5.00 pm. Which ticket do I have to purchase?

    You can enjoy the most terrifying moment of the day thanks to an 'After Five PM' ticket.

  • Is it allowed to come disguised to the park during Halloween?

    Visitors over the age of 13 may not come to the park disguised, in order to be easily identifiable at all times. Only children under the age of 13 may come to the park disguised or with face paint.

  • What's the scare level of the Halloween activities?

    You can check the scare levels of the Halloween activities on the website.

  • Is my pass valid during the nocturnes?

    Your Pass is valid throughout the entire Halloween period. You do not have to make a reservation.  We invite you to consult the pass regulations.

  • Are haunted houses accessible to everybody?

    We strongly disadvise visiting haunted houses under the age of 16. However, during the day (before 5pm), families with children can certainly enjoy an eerily and cozy Halloween atmosphere.  

    We invite you to take note of the safety signs, posted at the entrance of each haunted house, to assess whether or not the experience is appropriate for you.  

    The haunted houses are, for safety reasons, not accessible to persons with reduced mobility. They can still enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, shows and entertainment in the park. 



  • Where in the park can you experience Halloween?

    This fall, discover 3 scare zones, 5 haunted houses, 1 kids zone, 2 shows and other scary experiences. Check out the park plan.

  • Can I enter the haunted houses with my Platinum Pass?

    Thanks to your Platinum Pass, you will enjoy fast-track access to the haunted houses (once per haunted house and per visit). Access to the Bar'Hell is also included. Your Platinum Pass does not give you access to the Freaky Pizza Buffet.

  • Can I purchase tickets for the haunted houses in the park?

    Tickets for the haunted houses are available in limited quantities. We recommend you purchase them online.  You can also purchase haunted house tickets on site - while stocks last - at the ticket booths and at the Halloween outlets;

  • How does the 'anti monster'-badge work?

    Thanks to the 'anti monster'-badge, the terrifying monsters can recognize children who would rather not be startled. The badge is reserved and only works for children under the age of 12. The powers of the 'anti monster'-badge do not work in the haunted houses and after 5pm. You can get an 'anti monster'-badge at the information desk, at the entrance of the park. 

  • Are all attractions open during the nocturnes?

    Some attractions (Radja River, Flashback and Gold River Adventure) must close at dusk - when visibility is insufficient. Because the Halloween experience is more intense at night, some children's attractions may also close.