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Frequently asked questions

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  • Is Walibi accessible to persons with disabilities?

    The Easy Pass is a free guide that facilitates the visit of people with special needs (and up to three accompanying persons). 

    You'll find all information about the Easy Pass on our website.

    If you have any further questions, we invite you to consult our FAQ where you will find many answers.

  • Is Walibi accessible to pregnant women?

    Access to some attractions is forbidden to pregnant women. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a pleasant day at the park.  You can benefit from a 50% reduction on the adult rate on presentation of a medical certificate at the park's ticket office.

  • Are there any height/weight restrictions for the attractions?

    As stated on our website, access to the attractions is restricted by height.

    Our attractions do not have a "weight limit" as such. However, not all harnesses are suitable for all body types.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with any further information on whether or not our facilities are compatible with a visitor's morphology.

  • Can I go on attractions with a plaster cast?

    In general, casts are strongly discouraged when visiting an attraction. We invite you to take note of the safety signs placed in front of each attraction in order to assess whether it is suitable for you.  

  • Is Walibi open in case of strong winds or heavy rain?

    In the event of strong winds or heavy rain, attractions may be temporarily shut down for a few minutes.

  • I am a journalist

    You can find all the practical information about your private or business visit to Walibi Belgium-Aqualibi on this page.

  • How can I get to the park by car?

    We invite you to consult the itinerary here.

    The parking fee is 12 EUR (10 EUR before 3.00 pm) (ticket for sale at the ticket booths at the entrance of the park).  

  • Can I come to the park dressed up?

    All visitors must be easily identifiable at all times.

    Therefore, only children under the age of 13 may be dressed up and/or wearing facepaint.

  • Is there parking for motorcycles?

    Our parks are accessible by motorbike.  We invite you to consult the itinerary here.

    The motorbike parking is located to the left of the park entrance, close to the bus parking.

    The parking fee is 12 EUR (ticket for sale at the ticket booths at the entrance of the park).  

  • Can my child come to the park alone?

    Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed to enter Walibi/Aqualibi parks alone, proof of age of the responsible adult or the child may be required at any time.

    During their visit, whether as a family or as a group, children must remain under the care and continual supervision of their parents and/or accompanying persons.

  • Is the park accessible by train?

    The park is directly connected to the Walibi-Bierges train station via a pedestrian bridge (approx. 10 minutes' walk).  

    When you buy your tickets online on our website, we offer you the possibility to benefit from a 50% discount on the purchase of your train ticket.  To do so, please tick the corresponding option during the purchase process.  

    You will then receive a code to enter on the SNCB website when you buy your train tickets.

  • Do buses have to pay for parking?

    Buses can park to the left of the main entrance.

    For buses, parking is free.

  • Can I leave my RV (recreational vehicle) in the parking lot?

    You can access the parking lot with your RV for the time of your visit. We do not offer facilities to accommodate your RV for the night. After 10pm (except during late-night openings or special events), it is not allowed to leave RVS in the parking lot.

  • Do you have charging points for electrical vehicles?

    Our parking is currently not equipped with charging points for electrical vehicles.

  • Is there a Kiss & Ride zone?

    It is possible to drop off your children and pick them up without paying for parking.

    We invite you to follow the "Kiss &and Ride" signs and the instructions of our staff.