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Due to heavy rain, the Walibi Belgium site will remain closed until Saturday 2nd October. We will keep you informed of the practical details via our website and our social networks. We thank you for your understanding.

Tickets Walibi Belgium

4D - Los Banditos

  • Family
  • Speedy

    Don’t miss a second of sensation!

    Fast access to your favourite attraction with the SPEEDY ONE and/or the SPEEDY ULTIMATE 

    Available in the ticket offices at the park entrance and in the shops and in a limited quantity to ensure your comfort.

  • Babyswitch

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This year on the programme of the 4D theatre:

Follow a crazy adventure of a clumsy sheriff and his trusty horse in pursuit of a fearsome bandit in the Wild West!

An unforgettable multidimensional experience!

Open your eyes wide and hang on!