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Walibi Belgium is sold-out on September 11, 24 and 25. High attendance expected during the weekend of 17 and 18 September. Aqualibi is still accessible.

Tickets Walibi Belgium

4D - Los Banditos

  • Family
  • Speedy

    Don’t miss a second of sensation!

    Fast access to your favourite attraction with the SPEEDY ONE and/or the SPEEDY ULTIMATE 

    Available in the ticket offices at the park entrance and in the shops and in a limited quantity to ensure your comfort.

  • Babyswitch

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This year on the programme of the 4D theatre:

Follow a crazy adventure of a clumsy sheriff and his trusty horse in pursuit of a fearsome bandit in the Wild West!

An unforgettable multidimensional experience!

Open your eyes wide and hang on!