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Park regulations

Regulations applicable to visitors of the Walibi & Aqualibi parks

Article 1: Acceptance of the general conditions

  1. Purchasing a ticket/season ticket as well as entering the Park imply acceptance of these regulations available on our website
  2. The terms and conditions of sale shall also apply. They are available on our website
  3. For more information, a reception desk is located at the entrance of the Park.

Article 2: Access to the Park - Expulsion of offenders from the Park - Other measures

  1. The Park staff reserves the right of entry into the Park and the right to take any preventive measure with a view to ensuring compliance with these rules. Visitors must comply with the instructions given to them, in particular at the entrance to the Park, to ensure safety within the Park (stepping through metal detectors, bag inspections, etc.). In the event of non-compliance with these rules, Park staff may remove any offender from the Park.
  2. Anyone committing any offense in the Park shall be forced to wait for the arrival of the competent services which shall make the useful observations and to contribute to the costs inherent to the disturbances caused. These Regulations in no way prejudice the rights of the injured parties and the procedures which they deem necessary to bring.
  3. The management also reserves the right to confiscate the admission ticket, regardless of its form (season ticket, e-ticket, etc.), of the offending visitor.
  4. The management declines all liability in the event of damage resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations. For example, this shall be the case for objects which are not allowed in the Park and for which no safekeeping/storage measures shall be provided.

Article 3: Access to the Park - Tickets/Subscriptions - Identity Card

  1. Access to the park is only permitted during the period and hours during which the Park is open. Final admissions shall be accepted up to one hour prior to the Park’s closing time.
  2. Access to the Park shall be authorized upon production of an identity card and a valid admission ticket, acquired via the official sales channels. Visitors must be able to produce these documents for the duration of the visit, as well as the tickets establishing the purchases made within the Park.
  3. In case of loss or theft of a season ticket, a duplicate may be obtained against payment of a € 10.00 administrative fee.
  4. The Management reserves the right to modify the rates at any time.
  5. The Management reserves the right to modify, at any time, the opening and closing times of the Park as well as those of the attractions, shows, shops and restaurants, as well as conditions for accessing such, depending on the needs relating to the operation and maintenance of the Park (maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, renovation, installation of new attractions, etc.). The Management shall adopt all the rules it deems useful for ensuring the safety and health of people and property.
  6. Purchasing an admission ticket implies acceptance of these regulations which are available on the website, as well as acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale also available on said website. This is particularly the case for restrictive refund conditions with regard to which the following is emphasized:
    • Admission entitlements (tickets or season tickets) shall not be taken back, exchanged or refunded and may not be resold.
    • They shall not be taken back, nor exchanged, nor refunded, and shall not further give rise to a price reduction, even in the event that all or part of the attractions or other facilities are inaccessible, either because of bad weather, because the Park has reached admission capacity (for example for Aqualibi) or for the needs of the Park's operation.
    • Visitors removed from the Park as a result of non-compliance with these regulations shall not be entitled to a refund, and the Management also reserves the right to terminate the offender’s season ticket without possibility of obtaining a refund.

Article 4: Movement on foot exclusively

Visitors shall move around the Park exclusively on foot, for the safety of all. With the exception of strollers and wheelchairs, no other means of transport shall be allowed in the Park (bicycles, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, hoverboard, scooters, etc.).

Article 5: Duty of Courtesy - General Obligation of Care

  1. Visitors shall behave as responsible individuals and shall respect others and their environment. Courtesy is required in the Park and its surroundings.
  2. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult person and remain under the adult’s full responsibility for the entire duration of the visit. The person responsible for the child may be asked to produce evidence of their age at any time.
  3. Visitors must be easily identifiable at all times. It is therefore forbidden to wear a mask or any other device/piece of equipment/equipment of clothing that would conceal all or part of the face. Children under the age of 12 may, however, wear a costume or face paint.
  4. For reasons of hygiene and safety, visitors may not be shirtless or barefoot in the Park.
  5. Radios and other sound devices are prohibited within the confines of the Park, as are weapons, explosives (firecrackers, Bengal lights, etc.) and any sharp or blunt object (this list is not exhaustive; the Management reserves the right to establish whether an object is inappropriate).
  6. The ban on smoking in enclosed spaces accessible to the public (Royal Decree of 13/12/05) extends to the queues (inside and outside) for the attractions and the points of sale. This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes.
  7. Drunkenness, drug possession and drug use of any kind are strictly prohibited in the Park and its surroundings.
  8. Any gathering likely to harm the tranquillity of the Park and/or its visitors shall be prohibited.

Article 6: Compliance with safety instructions

  1. For reasons of security, it is strictly forbidden to “abandon” any objects in the Park. Any costs related to such abandonment shall be borne by the owner of such object(s).
  2. It is forbidden to enter an attraction’s perimeter when such attraction is closed.
  3. Visitors must comply with the instructions mentioned at the entrance of the attractions as well as those given verbally by the staff. This includes complying with queuing requirements, the minimum height for gaining access to attractions, and the prohibition on carrying certain objects into certain attractions.
  4. Visitors with special needs can benefit from easier access to attractions by presenting a valid official document (European parking card, European Disability Card).

Article 7: Cleanliness of the Park - Picnic areas

  1. Visitors must respect the environment and the cleanliness of the Park by making use of the garbage cans and sanitary facilities placed at their disposal. They shall abstain from causing any degradation of any nature whatsoever (graffiti, etc.) to the Park’s infrastructures (attractions, plants, scenery, etc.).
  2. Picnics are prohibited in the Park and in particular in restaurants and on terraces and in Aqualibi. However, they are permitted in areas specifically designed for this purpose, as indicated on the Park plan.

Article 8: No liability in case of loss, theft or damage of any kind whatsoever

  1. Paying storage lockers are available at the entrance of the Park. The Management's liability for loss, theft or damage to objects within the confines of the Park shall be limited to keeping watch over said paying storage lockers.
  2. Lockers with keys are available free of charge to visitors of Aqualibi. Given that it is not possible to monitor the use of such keys, the Management declines all liability for any theft or possible damage occurring in these free lockers.
  3. Lockers are available to visitors at certain attractions. They are neither secure nor under the supervision of Park staff. Depositors shall bear full liability for depositing objects in these lockers: under no circumstances may the Management or staff of the Park be held liable for any disappearance, loss, theft, damage caused to such objects
  4. Dorms for declaring a loss or a theft are available to visitors at the information desk and at Aqualibi. Lost items brought to the information office will be kept for one month. Identifiable and valuable items shall be handed over to the Wavre Police.
  5. Any visitor taking their personal belongings (phone, watch, glasses, keys, etc.) with them into an attraction does so under their own liability. The Management and staff of the Park may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for anything that may happen to such objects.
  6. The Management may not be held liable for damage caused by third parties to the property or the person of a visitor.
  7. The Management declines any liability in case of incompatibility between the proposed activities and visitors’ medical condition. Visitors accessing these activities despite a contra-indication resulting from their health condition (pregnant women, recently hospitalized persons, persons with asthma, epilepsy, etc.) do so at their own risk.

Article 9: Parking

  1. A fee is charged for access to the Park’s parking facilities.
  2. The Management may not be held liable in case of theft or accident in the car park, the parking fee grants an entitlement to park and does not cover any guard services. It is strongly recommended that you lock the doors of your vehicle, raise the windows and leave no valuables visible inside.
  3. The highway code applies to the car park, the maximum authorized speed being 20km/h and the instructions given by the parking operators must be scrupulously complied with.
  4. No overnight parking is allowed in the car park, except for the "nocturnes" events organized in the Park. Mobile homes must leave the parking lot of the Park by 10pm at the latest.
  5. It is forbidden to leave animals in vehicles, even with an open window. In case of violation of this rule, the competent services will be notified in order to release the animals thus left alone.
  6. The Management reserves the right to evacuate any vehicle that contravenes these provisions, at the owner's expense.

Article 10: Animals

Animals are not allowed inside the Park, except guide dogs for the disabled. However, the latter animals are not allowed on the attractions, nor in Aqualibi (Article 750 §2 of the Civil Code).

Article 11: Special provisions for access to Aqualibi

  1. For reasons of hygiene (Decree of the Walloon Government of 13/03/2003 published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 25/04/2003), only the following types of bathing suits are allowed: bathing briefs, bathing trunks, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, lycra outfits reaching above the knee and elbow. These bathing suits must not have zippers or buttons. They cannot be shocking or inappropriate. Children under 2 must wear swimming diapers.
  2. Visitors with skin infections, contagious infections (abscesses, impetigo, fungus, eczema, etc.), plantar warts and/or unhealed wounds shall be denied access to the water park.
  3. To ensure optimal water quality, a shower lasting a minimum of 3 minutes and a footbath shall be mandatory before entering the aquatic enclosure.
  4. Accompanying visitors of children under 12 must wear a bathing suit. They must fill in a document containing their contact details and the identities of the children that they are accompanying.
  5. The accompanying person must ensure that children who cannot swim wear armbands and/or a swimming vest in the water park, it being understood that wearing such equipment does not exclude the risk of drowning.
  6. Swimming vests are available to visitors, without the management or staff of the Park being liable in any way for the use that is made of them.
  7. Visitors who cannot swim or have a disability must wear an ad hoc wristband made available to them at the Aqualibi reception desk.
  8. Aqualibi is under the supervision of rescuers. Their presence does not diminish the obligation of visitors and their accompanying persons to comply with these Regulations.
  9. Aqualibi declines any liability in the event of premature wear or tear to swimsuits when using slides or swim aids.
  10. Picnics and all kinds of food and drink are strictly forbidden in the confines of Aqualibi.
  11. Cloakroom lockers must be emptied at the end of the day. Otherwise, their content shall be treated as lost objects.

Article 12: Commerce prohibited in the Park

Except with the written authorization of the Management, no sale or trade of any kind whatsoever shall be permitted within the grounds of the Park and the car park. If necessary, the objects and/or the proceeds of their sale shall be held until the arrival of the police.

Article 13: Food information

In accordance with European Regulation 1169/2011 (known as the INCO Regulation), we make available to visitors the information relating to the allergens contained in our preparations. Our hygiene procedures and the choice of our suppliers are designed and chosen to minimize the presence of allergens due to food cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee the total absence of such allergens. Please note: the composition of dishes may vary from one production to another, please ask for the information at each visit. For more information, please contact one of our staff or the restaurant manager.

Article 14: Privacy

  1. In order to guarantee everyone's safety, the Park is equipped with an active surveillance camera system. The images are recorded and kept in accordance with the conditions defined by the Privacy Commissions (Royal Decree of 13/02/01).
  2. Each visitor is likely to be filmed or photographed within the confines of the Park. The Park’s Management may use the video footage and photographs taken for promotional purposes. Visitors who do not wish to be filmed or photographed during their visit are asked to mention this at the information desk.

Article 15: Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

Any dispute between a visitor and Walibi shall be governed by Belgian law. The courts of Walloon Brabant shall have territorial jurisdiction to entertain such disputes.