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Tickets Walibi Belgium
13.10 - 04.11

enjoy the day ...

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13.10 - 04.11

... fear the night

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Let's go all the way
For families

Walibi Belgium is the ideal theme park to visit with family and friends. The park has attractions for all ages. The famous Radja River, the crazy Calamity Mine and all other family attractions.

For children

Walibi Belgium has many attractions specially created for children. In two different zone, kids can have the time of their life in all safety. A day at the Walibi Belgium theme park is a day of fun.

For thrill seekers

Take a seat in one of the sensational attractions of Walibi Belgium. Face the high speeds or dizzying heights ! Put your hands high in the air, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy.

All attractions